Free Collage Maker For Windows 8: Coollage

Coollage is a nice and simple collage maker for Windows 8 and 8.1 computer which is absolutely free and lets you make impressive collages.

When you open Coollage, you will see a tile showing a sample collage made with Coollage. On the left side of the screen you can see different options that include new collage, help and version pro. To start creating a collage, you will have to click on new collage. From the next screen, you can add different photographs by clicking on Add pictures.

Free Collage Maker For Windows 8

In this standard or basic version of Coollage, you can only add up to 7 photographs to make a collage. You can browse the folder where you have the photographs and import up to 7 photographs in this collage maker app. After choosing the photographs, click on open button on bottom right side.

The added photographs will be placed randomly on the canvas of the collage and the app will process them and apply faded edges effect on them by itself. The photographs added can be resized and placed at different place according to where you want them to be and how you want to place them on the canvas. The effect can again be applied by clicking on the play button in the bottom middle of the screen.


Extra menu and settings can be toggled by right clicking anywhere on the collage maker app, the menu includes add pictures, canvas size, preview, edit, auto collage, print on canvas, save image, share and print. These menu options will help in creating a better collage and defining settings for the collage.

Other collage makers you can try on your Windows 8: Phototastic and Collager.

To remove any photograph from the canvas, you can click on it and then click on the remove or delete button on the bottom right side of the screen near the list of the added photographs.

Download Coollage.