Free Windows 8 Blood Pressure App: 3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker

3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker is a free Windows 8 Blood Pressure app. The app helps you keep a track of your Blood Pressure so that you can take the required and necessary actions whenever there’s a need. This Windows 8 Blood Pressure app uses various colors to indicate whether you have a normal, high, or low Blood Pressure.

The app uses Red, Orange Red, Green, and Purple colors to indicate your Blood Pressure levels. It also provides the functionality to export the report thus produced, as an Excel, Word, or a PDF file, which you can keep for your records or can share with your doctor. You even have the ability of setting a reminder which will remind you of tracking your Blood Pressure at a particular time.

3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker-Main ScreenYou mainly have to provide your details like your Systolic Pressure, Diastolic Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight, Date, and Time when taken.

For those of you who are completely new to these terms, let me give you a brief idea about them.

Blood Pressure is defined as the force exerted by the Blood on the walls of the Blood Vessels through which it is flowing. The normal Blood Pressure of a full grown adult is 120/80 mmHg. It includes our Systolic Pressure and Diastolic Pressure.

Systolic Pressure is defined as the amount of pressure the blood is exerting on  the arteries and Vessels when the heart is beating. The normal Systolic Pressure in adults lies in the range 90-120 mmHg and is 95 mmHg for infants.

Diastolic Pressure is defined as the amount of pressure exerted by the Blood on the walls of all the Arteries when the heart is relaxed, that is, in between the beats. Its normal range is 60-80 mmHg for adults and 65mmHg for infants.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is said to occur if your Systolic Blood Pressure is 140 mmHg or higher and Diastolic Blood Pressure is 89 mmHg or higher. If your Blood Pressure is less than 90/60, then you might be having Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure.

Color Codes used in this free Windows 8 Blood Pressure app are given considering the following:

  • A Red color follows that your Systolic Pressure is more than 140 mmHg or your Diastolic Pressure is more than 89 mmHg.
  • A Orange Red color indicates that either your Systolic Pressure lies in the range 120-139, or your Diastolic Pressure lies in the range of 80-89 mmHg.
  • Green color indicates that your Systolic Pressure is in the range 90-119 or Diastolic Pressure is between 60 and 79.
  • Purple is the code when either your Systolic Pressure is below 90 mmHg or Diastolic Pressure is below 60 mmHg.

Find your Blood Pressure using this free Windows 8 Blood Pressure App

This free Windows 8 Blood Pressure app provides you simple and easy user-interface. As you enter the app, you firstly have to provide your personal details.

3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker- DetailsYou have to provide your Systolic Pressure, your Diastolic Pressure, Heart Beat, Weight, Date and Time. After you have provided your personal details just click on the Save button. The next screen which will appear will give your average Blood Pressure, your average Heart Rate and BMI(Body Mass Index).

3Mb  Blood Pressure Tracker-Calculated Details

Keep Record of this Calculated Data in form of Charts

This free Windows 8 Blood Pressure app also gives you the ability to compare your Calculated Records in form of Charts.

3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker-Charts

These charts may be helpful for future reference whenever you need to compare your Blood Pressure from a given time span. This is one of the main advantage of 3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker that you have the the facility to keep track of your BP levels. You can monitor your Blood Pressure in a better and more efficient manner using these charts and can decide what your strategy should be regarding improvement.

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Features of this Free Windows 8 Blood Pressure app

  • Nice Interface: The user-interface is quite easy.You will easily understand how the app works.
  • Add Reminders: Reminders can be added which will remind you later about keeping records.
  • Save your report: You even have the ability to save reports of your calculated Average Blood Pressures and BMI’s. These you can store as Excel, Word, or PDF files on your system which you can review later on.
  • Charts: Charts are also produced when you have calculated the required data. You can save these as Word, Excel, or PDF files.

Final Verdict for 3Mb Blood Pressure Tracker

Finally, I would like to say that this free Windows 8 Blood Pressure app is quite nice to use. I used it myself and was able to figure out my way through it quite easily. It provides you the ability to monitor your Blood Pressure using Charts which is good and worth a try. All in all, it’s a great app to use and I would really recommend using it.

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