Free Windows 8 Travel App: MyTrip

MyTrip is a free Windows 8 Travel app for travel enthusiasts. It allows you to explore more than 28000 places from all over the world. You have the independence to choose from categories like Travel Destinations, World Heritage Sites, Museums, Churches and Cathedrals, Beaches, and many more!

If you are planning for a trip or want to spend your holidays on an exciting tourist destination, this app will surely gonna help you. You can choose the countries and places you are going to visit. And this free Windows 8 Travel app provides you the ability to explore these places right from your Windows 8 enabled device. When you choose a particular destination, the app will show all popular tourist and visiting spots there, along with a good detailed description on them. The details include a nice combination of high-quality pictures, videos, and textual description about these places.

MyTrip is present under the Travel category of Windows Store. If you are not able to locate it there, you can also search for it using Win + Q keys, or use the link given at the end to view this free Windows 8 travel app in Windows Store. The app on being opened, would look like this:

MyTrip- Main Screen

Explore Places using this free Windows 8 Travel app

You can explore a number of places using this free Windows 8 Travel app. When you open the app, you will be asked whether MyTrip should access the place where you are present right now. Agreeing to that will show up a number of places to visit in front of you, depending on your nearness from the places. You can select from a number of categories like Travel Destinations, World Heritage Sites, Museums, Monuments, and other things.

MyTrip- Choose from categories

Once you have selected a particular category, all the places present there will be shown to you. Then you can choose from the available places. Now, what is really amazing about this free Windows 8 Travel app is that when you explore for a particular place, you would be able to explore it in a more efficient manner because when you view a particular place, a good detailed description is provided for you to connect better and know more about the place. Images, Videos, and Webcam Images taken by the local people will engage you even better with the app and give you a better knowledge for that place.

MyTrip - Detailed Article

Maps for that particular place are also inscribed into the details of the place, which makes it even a more useful Travel app. To find directions for a particular place, you can check out Win Maps. And if you want to find the distance of that place from a particular location, you could check out Map Distance.

One more feature which is worth mentioning in this free Windows 8 Travel app is that you can search a place directly from the map and get details for that place. This feature is quite impressive.

MyTrip- Locate from maps

 Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Travel App

  • Nice Interface: The interface of MyTrip is quite nice. You will easily understand its working.
  • Locate directly from map: You can directly locate a place right from the map.
  • Large Database: This free Windows 8 Travel app has details for more than 28000 places.
  • Nice collection of pictures and webcam videos.
  • Each time you get into the app you are welcomed with new facts about the countries right on the main screen.

My Verdict on MyTrip

Finally, I would like to say that this free Windows 8 Travel app is quite nice to use. I was able to easily use MyTrip right in the first go. The vast database of the free Windows 8 Travel app was able to provide me details which were quite satisfactory. All in all, MyTrip is worth a try.

Get MyTrip here.