Free Windows 8 Anonymous Chat App: One Chat

One Chat is a Free Windows 8 anonymous Chat App. It’s a text based Chat App that gives you the freedom to chat anonymously with people all over the world.

You have the option to chat as a Stranger, or to chat Globally. While in Global Room you can chat with multiple persons at the same time and your message will be displayed to all those who are chatting at that time in Global Room, there is an independence to chat alone with one person only in Strangers room.

You don’t have to worry about providing your E-Mail in this free Windows 8 anonymous chat app. Plus, you get the ability to Mute the users (blocking them from chat). So you can even get rid of those users who are annoying you. Also, you can Snap the app vertically; this lets you Browse through the Store for more apps and chat at the same time.

One Chat- Main Screen

Chat without Registering using this Free Windows 8 Anonymous Chat App

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to register your E-Mail ID in order to use this Windows 8 anonymous Chat App. Just provide a name at the beginning and start chatting.

Choose from a number of rooms to Chat

As you get into the app after choosing your name, you would be asked to choose from a number of rooms like Global, Strangers, Flirt, Movies, Music, and many others.

One Chat-Choose your room

From among them, you have the option to chat freely using either the Global room or Strangers room in this Windows 8 anonymous Chat App. In addition to these two freely available rooms, you can enjoy other Chat rooms also, but at a small initial cost.

In the Global room, you have the option to chat with multiple users at the same time. All users’ name will appear in a vertical tab on the right. You even have the option to mute someone who is annoying you.

One Chat - Global Room

You just have to click on that user and you will be asked whether you want to mute him. Just click on Yes and that user would be muted by the app’s server and its chat won’t appear in your chat window.

One Chat- Strangers room

In the Strangers room, you will be connected to a random stranger chosen by the server. Thereby your chat can’t be seen by anyone but the two of you. You have the option to disconnect from that user anytime and the server will connect you to someone else.

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Key Features of This Free Windows 8 Anonymous Chat App

  • Nice Interface: The user interface is quite nice. It is quite easy to use and work on.
  • Chat without registration: You can chat anonymously without registering your E-Mail to use this service.
  • Chat Globally: You have the option to chat with multiple users at same time where all the users will appear in the same Window.
  • Chat with Single User: You have the option to chat alone with a complete stranger in the Strangers room. Here, you can switch to the next person if you don’t want to chat with a particular person. The server will then choose a random stranger for you to chat with.
  • Mute any annoying user: You have the option to mute anyone who is annoying and disturbing you in any manner.
  • Switch to Snap mode: You can snap the app vertically and can browse more apps on Windows 8 Store.
  • Six more paid rooms: There are six more rooms available for you to choose from, where you can find like-minded individuals. But, these rooms are paid. Options such as Business, Politics, Movies, Culture, etc., are available to choose from.
  • Improved Scrolling: You have the independence to scroll through the messages at any time you want.

Final Verdict for One Chat

Finally, to conclude, I would like to say that this free Windows 8 anonymous chat app is quite good to use if you love to chat with people. You get the independence to chat and have fun with complete Strangers from around the world which is quite nice. Though, I would like to say that if the app had some functionality to block any illicit statements right when they are firstly given by any user, the app could have worked better for me. Also this free chat app fails in keeping you online if you have to do some work other than browsing the store. This inability will gain some negative views by the users for sure. Otherwise, it is worth a try.

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