Free Simulator Game For Windows 8: Truck Driver Job

Truck Driver Job is a free Simulator game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed by Chimpi Games, this simulator game is not only about driving Truck freely. You have to drive the truck very carefully through highly dangerous mountain roads. One mistake, and your truck falls down. The terrain through which you have to drive the truck is extremely realistic, and breath taking. Tighten up your seat belt, hold your breath, and get ready for some real Truck driving.


How to install Truck Driver Job on Windows 8:

This free Simulator game for Windows 8 occupies a size of 83.2 MB. Look for this game from the Windows App store, in the game section. Enter the name into the search box to find the game. You can also follow the link below, at the end of the article.


How to play Truck Driver Jon on Windows 8:

Click anywhere on the Welcome screen to begin playing. This simulator game for Windows 8 has 20 levels, and 5 trucks. After you click on the welcome screen, you can select a level to play. Level 1 is unlocked by default, and to unlock others, you will have to finish level 1. As soon as the game starts, you will notice the vivid graphics of the game. Yes, this simulator game for Windows 8 has very high quality graphics and sound quality as well. You have been given a task to drop the cargo from Point A, to Point B.


Carefully drive through the mountain roads, maneuver the curves with great precision to play this game. The screen displays the speedometer, RPM meter, and the present gear. There are also two options to reset the game, and the Home option. The game seems to be quite tough to play in the beginning, but it gets easier as you play along. Once you reach Point B, you have to park the Truck at a given spot.

Free Simulator Game For Windows 8

Once the mission is clear, go to the next mission and start playing. Truck driving conditions in this free simulator game for Windows 8 get rigorous. If you are not being careful enough, the truck might fall into the valley, and you will have to restart the game.

Free Simulator Game For Windows 8

This Windows 8 Simulator game gives you close to real experience of Truck driving. The steering and handling have been designed very carefully according to real trucks. Download and install this game today to accept the challenge of Truck driving. This game might turn addictive, as it takes several attempts to clear a level.

Download Truck Driver Job for Windows 8 and 8.1.