Free Shooting Game For Windows 8: Desert Target Sniper Duty

Desert Target Sniper Duty is a free shooting game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed by UK Arts Games, this is not just a simple shooting game, it is an action packed Sniper shooting game. This FPS (First Person Shooter) game lets you kill enemy troops, and destroy their helicopters with heavy artillery. With good graphics, and realistic sound effects, this shooting game for Windows 8 is a must download for gamer who loves Shooting game.

Free Shooting Game For Windows 8

How to Install Desert Target Sniper Duty on Windows 8:

This is a light weight FPS game for Windows 8. The installation file occupies 20 MB of space on your PC. Search for the game in the game section of Windows 8, or simply look for the Download link at the end of this article. Click install on the download page, and this Shooting game for Windows 8 downloads, and installs automatically.Free Shooting Game For Windows 8


How to play Desert Target Sniper Duty:

You are sent alone on an assignment to finish off the enemy troops. You have been dropped at a higher vantage point, and you have to execute your operation from there. This shooting game for Windows 8 is really exciting and thrilling to play. There are four levels in this game, you can begin to play with Level 1. which is your first mission. All you have is a sniper gun with you, and a bunch of enemies in front of you. So, snipe the enemies one by one, and execute them all.

But wait, you are not fully covered and as the enemies are shooting at you, make sure you finish them off before they hurt you. There’s a health bar on the top-left corner of the screen. Look out for your health, and play accordingly. Once the level is cleared, you will be assigned a new mission, which is Level 2. Clear the next Level to move to the later ones.

Free Shooting Game For Windows 8

As you clear the levels, you will be facing quite bigger enemies, which need bigger guns to kill. Do not worry, this shooting game for Windows 8 has got you all covered. Kill the Choppers and Plane with the help of RPG launcher.

Free Shooting Game For Windows 8

Right click to engage sniper mode on the RPG launcher, and shoot down the helicopters. The flying choppers are tough to hit, and need accuracy to be shot down. Use the on screen radar to locate the enemy easily.

This is a good shooting game for Windows 8. The levels are limited, but the gameplay is quite realistic. Download this game if you have been a fan of Sniper rifles.

Download Desert Target Sniper Duty for Windows 8 and 8.1.