Free Simulator Game for Windows 8: Tuk Tuk Simulator

Tuk Tuk Simulator is a free simulator game available for Windows 8 and 8.1. This is a first app of its kind. You would have seen many car and bike simulators, but this simulator game for Windows 8 gives you the experience of driving a real Tuk Tuk. This game is developed by Hungry Pixels. Drive around the city environment with this Tuk Tuk Simulator.

Simulator game for Windows 8: Tuk Tuk Simulator

How to Install Tuk Tuk Simulator on Windows 8:

This simulator is easily available for Windows 8 and 8.1 . You can find it on Windows App store. The installation of the Tuk Tuk simulator is very easy. Search for this app in Windows app store, and installation window will appear. Click on install button to install this App automatically. This simulator game for Windows 8 requires only 41 MB of your disk space. You can also follow the download link at the end of this article. This game is also available for Windows phones and tablets.

Simulator game for Windows 8: Tuk Tuk Simulator

How to Play Tuk Tuk Simulator on Windows 8:

Once the installation is over, go to Start Menu and click on the the game icon.  This game is very easy to understand and play. Have you ever seen how a Tuk Tuk driver drives his vehicle? This game will give you just the same experience. In this Tuk Tuk simulator, you have to drive your vehicle around the city. The controls of the game are very easy; you can use navigation keys to move your Tuk Tuk. The UP and the DOWN keys are used to move the rickshaw forward and reverse, and the RIGHT and the LEFT keys are used to turn the rickshaw right and left. You can use space bar for brakes.

Simulator game for Windows 8: Tuk Tuk Simulator

The handling of the rickshaw is very sensitive. As it is a real simulator, therefore developers have set handling keeping the real Tuk Tuk handling in mind. A little more turn can unbalance the rickshaw. For Windows phones and tablets, the control are totally based on motion sensors. There are two options that you can find on top right corner of the game. The first one is to restart the game. If you get stuck somewhere in the game, this icon will help you start from the beginning. The second option allows you to change the Tuk Tuk, and even the location. There are five different Tuk Tuks that you will find in this game. So, play this simulator for Windows 8 and get the experience of a real Tuk Tuk driver.

Our Verdict:

This is good game to pass your time. With 3D graphics and  real sound of Tuk Tuk, this game makes itself a good download for Windows device.

Download Tuk Tuk Simulator for Windows 8 and 8.1.