Free Arcade Game for Windows 8: Fun In Forest

Fun in forest is a free arcade game for Windows 8 and 8.1 users. The game is all about saving your basket of fruits from the animals of forest. Developed by XL Internet Marketing, this game has good graphics, and even better sound effects. So, gear up to save your basket from cats and monkeys.

Free Adventure Game for Windows 8: Fun In Forest

How to Install Fun in Forest on Windows 8:

This arcade game is easily available on Windows 8 and 8.1 app store. The game is free of cost. To install Fun In Forest, look for the game from the search bar of Windows app store.

Free Adventure Game for Windows 8: Fun In Forest

After you find the game, an installation window will appear. Click on install, and the game will get installed automatically on your system. The game is compatible for all devices with Windows 8 interface, and requires only 16 MB of free space on your system.

How to Play Fun in Forest:

The gameplay of this arcade game for Windows 8 is very easy. The home screen of game appears, click on play to begin the game.

Free Adventure Game for Windows 8: Fun In Forest

Before you start this game, you will be asked to choose the theme for the gameplay. The game has three different themes. As mentioned earlier, in this game you have to save your fruit basket from the monkeys and cats. Keep the animals away by throwing snow ball at them. The cats will also shoot fire balls , make sure that you hit the fire ball with snow ball before it touches the basket. Once a cat, monkey, or the ball reaches the basket, its the end of the game.

Fun in forest (7)

For PCs, use mouse as controller. Click the mouse cursor around the character to move him up and down. The snow ball are fired automatically. For mobile and tablets the controls are touch based. Each time you hit a target, your score a point. The speed of the game increases with more score. So, play the game with different themes, make high scores, and enjoy the fruits. You can also control the sound of this game. Click on the speaker option and set volume as you like.

Our Verdict:

This Windows 8 arcade game has awesome graphics and audio effects. The game also gives the option to connect it with social networking sites. So, you can also share your score with your friends. With all these basket full of features this games makes itself worth a download. Its really fun to play Fun In Forest.

Download Fun In Forest for Windows 8 and 8.1.