Free Simulator Game For Windows 8: Car Crash Simulator 3D

Car Crash Simulator 3D is a free Simulator game for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. Developed by HungryPixels, this game gives you realistic experience of crashing your car into other cars. With 3D graphics and real sound effects, this game is really fun to play. Fasten your seat belt, and get ready for some action.


How to Install Car Crash Simulator 3D on Windows 8 Devices:

To install this free simulator game for Windows 8, search for the game in the Windows App store search box. You may also follow the download link given below at the end of this article. Click on the Install button to download and install this simulator game for Windows 8. This game occupies just 42 MB of space on your computer.


How to play Car Crash Simulator 3D on Windows 8 Devices:

You can play this simulator game for Windows 8 in Two Modes. Single Player and Split Screen. Single Player mode is just for one player, while 2 players can play in the Split Screen mode.

Playing in Single Player mode:


As you begin the game, your car appears along with 3 other opponent cars. All you have to do is drive your Blue car, and crash it into the other cars. Control your car with the help of WASD keys. Use Space bar to apply power brake. Crash into other yellow cars as much as you can with maximum impact to damage and disable them. This game goes on for as long as all cars are destroyed.


Playing in Split Screen Mode:


The Split Screen mode lets two players to play and crash cars at a time. If you are wondering how to control both cars, then do not worry. The Blue car can be controlled originally by the WASD keys, while the Red car can be controlled by the Navigation keys. Along with 2 cars that you are controlling, 3 more cars appear which you have to destroy. Compete with the second partner in this exciting mode, and destroy each other’s cars. There is no time limit in any of the modes, so you can take all the time to destroy the opponent’s car. All of this happens in a huge arena, along with different obstacles.

Additional options in this simulator game for Windows 8:

  • Press R key to reset the game, and start again instantly. All of the cars will reappear fresh on the screen.
  • Press Esc key to escape the game and chose another mode.

Our Verdict:

This free simulator game for Windows 8 is an action packed App. Graphics are awesome, sound quality is realistic, and the controls are really easy. Playing this game in split screen mode is really addictive, as you continuously try to defeat your rival.

Download Car Crash Simulator 3D for Windows 8 and 8.1.