Free Action Game For Windows 8: Expendable Rabbit

Expendable Rabbit is a free action game for Windows 8 and 8.1. This is an exciting game about a rabbit, trying to collect points, and making his way through different levels. With amazing graphics and sound quality, Expendable rabbit is an addictive and fun to play action game for Windows 8.


How To Install Expendable rabbit on Windows 8 Devices:

Download and Install this game from Windows App store. Search for the game in the search bar. You can also follow the download link at the end of this article. This action game for Windows 8 occupies only 35.6 MB of space on your device.


How To Play Expendable Rabbit on Windows 8 Devices:

Expendable rabbit is pretty simple to play. You just need 2 keys to play this exciting game. This game has infinite levels for as long as you can survive. Click Play to begin this action game for Windows 8. The first level renders a play arena with items. What you have to do is, move around and collect all the items to advance to the next level.


The controls are Left and Right Alt keys. Press the Left Al to turn left, and the Right Alt to turn right. To jump forward, press both Alt keys at a time. You have to be really precise while jumping. If you jump too far, the Rabbit will fall off the arena, thus the game ends.


Every time you start the game, you are given random arenas, and random items to collect. Once you collect all the items, you go to the next level. The advanced levels are different and more difficult than the first level. The arena is not even, and you also have to face enemies. Who are your enemies? Tiny robots, giant robots, and monster roam around the arena to kill you. You will also face obstacles, such as bombs, pinballs, spikes, spinny blades, conveyor belts, canons, etc. Find a way out of these obstacles, and collect all the points to clear the levels.


The robots and monsters constantly try to chase you and hurt you. Run away from them and collect all the items before they kill you. Keep playing and see how far you can make it.

You get the option to change the control keys. Change them according to your wish, and you can also change the sound settings.

Our Verdict:

This free action game for Windows 8 is a must download if you love to play new and exciting games. The gameplay is quite interesting, and makes you try to clear stages again and again. Awesome graphics, and funny sound effects are bonus to this free game.

Download Expendable Rabbit for Windows 8 and 8.1.