Free Simulator Game For Windows 8: Well Of Death : Simulator

Well Of Death: Simulator is a free simulator game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Developed by Rational Games, this is a 3D game inspired by the dangerous motorcycle extreme sports you often see in local circuses. Suit up to ride your motorcycle in the well, and experience the thrill.

wall of death_play

How to Install Well Of Death: Simulator on Windows 8 systems:

With a size of 32.5 MB, this simulator game for Windows 8 does not occupies much space on your computer. To install it, simply type the name in the search bar of Windows App store. You may also follow the Download link mentioned at the end of this article.

wall of death_start

How to Play Well Of Death: Simulator on Windows 8 systems:

Begin the game after the installation is complete. The simulator game for Windows 8 starts with a preview of the Well of Death arena. Click on the Play icon to select the level you want to play.

wall of death_menuThe first level is unlocked by default when you play for the first time. Click on the level to begin playing this awesome simulator game for Windows 8. Control the bike with the help of navigation keys. Controlling the bike is a bit difficult in the beginning. All you have to do is accelerate your bike to make a climb on the well, and then balance the bike. You have to make sure you do not fall off while performing the stunt, else you will have to start all over again.

wall of death_start1

You need to score a minimum of 1400 points to unlock the second level. So make sure you stay on the well for as long as you can. The screen shows the tachometer and the speed of the bike. You can also view the points scored. There’s one another option to change the view. Click the icon below the pause button to toggle views between Bird-eye view, and First Person view. Keep pushing to the extremes to score the points, and unlock the level.

Our Verdict:

You will definitely like this simulator game for Windows 8 if you love stunts. The graphics are pretty decent, and sound quality is not much impressive, as it only produces the sound of bike. There is always the Mute option if you want to play this game without sound. Gameplay is also decent and it takes time to cope up with the controls. Download this game to unveil the real stunt man in you.

Download Well Of Death : Simulator for Windows 8 and 8.1.