Free Radio App For Windows 8: Tuba.FM

Tuba.FM is a free radio app for Windows 8 that offers a wide range of radio stations and music artists to find and listen music that suits your music taste. If you are a music lover, then for sure you would love this Windows 8 music app too.

This radio application brings you music from most popular artists and radio channels.

Tuba.FM 001

Tuba.FM include a very basic user-interface which comes with a home screen that includes Menu options, shows you the recently played radio channels or music, shows the featured music and music from top artists. Menu options include Tuba radio stations option, genres option, artists option, users stations option any my account option.


Tuba Radio stations option basically include quite a good number of Tuba radio stations, so you can listen to any on your favorite Tuba radio stations just by clicking on the radio station and hitting the play bottom right corner of the screen. While you are listening to a radio stations, this Windows 8 Radio app even shows you the list of similar radio stations and radio stations which are coming soon.

Genres option lets you easily find and listen music on the basis of music genres. You can choose from the available music genres which are rock, pop, hip-hop, good stuff, Polskie Hity 80 and all. So click on your preferred music genre to find and listen to your favorite music.

Artists option let’s you find popular artists, new artists and even displays artists in the alphabetical order. In this way you can easily listen to music from most popular or new artists. Alphabetical order of artists make it possible for you to easily find and listen to your favorite artists. While listening to music of a particular artist, it even shows you a list of similar artists.

User stations basically offers you with popular and new user stations. This radio application is capable enough to display the user stations in an alphabetical order. So you can listen to any of them just by clicking them and hitting the play button.

My account option allows you to login Tuba.FM.

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Features Of This Radio App For Windows 8:

  • Over 300 authorial radio channels.
  • Users are allowed to share radio channels.
  • Search you favorite artist or a radio channel just by entering the keyword in the search bar.
  • Easy to use radio application.
  • Shows similar radio channel or artists for the selected radio channels or artists.

Tuba.FM is a completely free Windows 8 radio app or you can even say it as a music app using which you listen to some popular radio stations and music artists. Try this radio application for free from your Windows 8 App store.