Windows 8 File Recovery Software

Aid File Recovery, as the name suggests, is a free Windows 8 file recovery software that lets you recover all the formatted files, lost files, damaged files, deleted files, or any lost partition files from the hard disk of your Windows 8 system.

This free file recovery software for Windows 8 is quite fast and powerful that enables you to recover the lost files quickly. you can recover files that have been deleted by shift+del, deleted from Recycle Bin, lost by uninstalling software or virus, recover data formatted while formatting the hard disk, lets you scan the drive, recover lost files while deleting the partition drives, recover the whole hard disk, and more…just everything. Let me quickly jot down the main features of this Windows 8 file recovery software below.

Features Of Windows 8 File Recovery Software:

  • Lets you recover formatted files, lost files, deleted files, lost while deleting partition drive, and more..
  • Lets you recover files including photos, music, documents, MS word files, .exe files, pdf files, and more..
  • Its fast and powerful that takes less time to recover the data.
  • It’s completely free..

How To Download And Install Aid File Recovery Software:

  1. Go onto the given link in order to download the setup.
  2. Click on the downloaded setup to run the program.
  3. You need to extract all files because the downloaded one is a Zip file.
  4. Once extracted, now just open it to run the software.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to install the software in your Windows 8 system.
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Yupp..there you are. Go ahead and try Windows 8 file recovery software to recover all important data from your Windows 8 system.