Free FitBit Official App For Windows 8: Fitbit

Fitbit is an official app of Fitbit that is developed by the Fitbit that is available for free on the Windows 8 and 8.1 PC. Fitbit is an activity tracking and fitness app that works with your devices and the native Fitbit products. It helps in tracking and logging in data for activities like sleep, food intake, water intake, calories burned, number of steps walked and more.  The app requires the user to log in to their Fitbit account before accessing the app further. If you do not have Fitbit account then you can create an account on Fitbit.


Logging in to your Fitbit account will help your data sync among your Windows 8 or 8.1 app and the other data that have been saved on your other devices such as a smartphone, Fitbit product like Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Flex, etc.

When you log in to the Windows 8 or 8.1 Fitbit app, the app syncs your data seamlessly from your other accounts to your Windows app. It also asks you to allow to run in the background, you can click on Allow or Don’t Allow according to what you want it to do.


The user-interface of the Fitbit app has been designed in a beautiful and minimal form. The first section in this Fitbit app is Dashboard where different fitness related stats and information are displayed in the form of large tiles. The first tile shows the calories that you have burnt, below that you will see the badges that you might have earned for different activities, the largest tile shows the list of friends that use Fitbit. Another tile shows the calories that you need to intake for the day, below it is the weight you have put in as current. The fourth column tiles show the food plan and the number of water intake you should have. When you click on any tile, it will take you to the corresponding

Free FitBit App

By clicking on the plus button on the bottom left, you can access different options for adding things like log activity, set alarm, log sleep, log weight, log water and log water. All the details are shown with a detailed statistical chart representation for a better understanding of how you are going with your activities, food intake and other similar things.

Free Fitness App

You can also try other fitness apps for Windows 8 like bodeefit and madbarz.

In the friends section, you will see the list of friends who are using Fitbit and how they rank and how they are progressing. In the Challenges section, you will see different challenges that you can take for the day. The challenges include daily showdown, workweek hustle, goal day and weekend warrior.

Download Fitbit.