Free Gmail App For Windows 8: Fast For GMail

Fast For GMail is a free Gmail app for Windows 8 and 8.1, it is not the official app of Gmail but is a Gmail client app developed by UnivApps. The app is a really nice alternative to the native Gmail app, it helps in accessing your Gmail account right from your Windows 8 or 8.1 desktop.

On the start up of the app you will be asked to sign in to your Gmail account. After you log in you can access the buttons that are on the left side of the menu. The menu options on the left side of the Gmail interface are Compose, Inbox, Starred, Sent, Drafts, Circles, Spams, Deleted Items.

Free Gmail App

Whenever you click on any of buttons they take actions directly in your Gmail account. To compose a new mail, you can use the Compose button. For opening the inbox of your account, you can click on Inbox. Starred button will take you to starred mail box, Sent will take you to the sent mail box, Drafts button will show you the drafts in your mail, Circles will display the circles of your friends, Spams will display the spam box from your mail and the Deleted Items will show the items that are in the trash.

Fast For GMail is useful for everyone who want to have an easy access to their Gmail account on their Windows PC. This app helps in keeping their Gmail account logged in to a minimal featured app. While accessing the different mail boxes, you will not feel any kind of dragging or lagging.

Fast For GMail

You can check out another free mail client for Windows 8 called Gmail Touch.

On the right hand side of Fast For GMail you will see vertical long ad banner which displays different advertisements from the sponsors of the app. The app has no other menu options and does not have any kind of settings either. You can log out from your account by following the native method of logging out of Gmail.

Download Fast For GMail.