Free Invoice Generator App For Windows 8: Moon Invoice

Easily create invoice on your Windows 8 and 8.1 PC with Moon Invoice. It is a free invoice generator app which is helpful for any individual or an organization.

Before generating or making invoice, you will have to add company information by clicking on the top right Company Info icon. In Company Info, you will have to mention the name of the company, email address, company logo, company address, phone number, currency, invoice title, estimate title, P.O. title, default invoice notes, default estimate notes and default P.O. notes.

Free Invoice Generator App

Moon Invoice supports almost all the currencies of the world like US Dollar, Sterling Pound, Euro, Indian rupee, Bahraini dinar, Hong Kong dollar, Australian dollar, Kuwaiti dinar, New Zealand dollar, Omani rial and many more. After adding the required details about the company you can click on the Save icon on the top and the information will be saved in the app.

In the New Invoice, you can add the client details such as the company name, the contact person’s name, email address and mobile number. The address and other invoice details like the invoicing date, due date, invoice number and discount. You can add many tasks and products by clicking on the add button at the end of the first rows.

Free Invoice Generator App

You can preview the generated invoice by clicking on the Preview icon on the top panel. The other options available to you save & send, save and delete. By choosing save & send, you can email the generated invoice to the recipient. To only save the invoice, click on the save icon from the top panel.

Another invoice management app you can try out is bizXpert invoice for Windows 8.

You can also add details about how the payment for the invoice was made. The different supported payment methods by Moon Invoice are online bank transfer, write transfer, PayPal, credit card, debit card, cash card, mobile payment, cheque, demand draft, cash, money order and other. You can mention if the payment was made in full or partial.

Download Moon Invoice.