Free Classic Game for Windows 8: Dangerous Dave The Game

Dangerous Dave The Game is a free classic game to be played on your Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. The game is designed and developed on the old favorite classic game called Dangerous Dave. It is an arcade game that was very popular among kids of 1980s and 1990s. The game was initially designed for Apple II and MS-DOS as an example an Applesoft BASIC add-on. The game was played on a large basis across the world.

Dangerous Dave The Game is similar to the original classic game of Dangerous Dave. It has same levels, style and playing mode. It is a platform game which features a man named Dave and his mission to get through ten levels where he has to collect trophies in the shelter of his enemy named Clyde.

 Classic Game for Windows 8

It is easy to move Dave in the game with the help of your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys. You can help Dave jump with the help of the up arrow on your keyboard. To use the gun that he gets in level 3, you can use Z key for shooting. To use the jetpack in the game, you can use the X key of your keyboard.

The game has been given the same layout, color scheme and graphics as of the original classic game Dangerous Dave. Despite of being a good game, this app lacks some additional gaming graphics and features like that of animation, music and sound. The game is in a small rectangle in the middle of the screen of the game.

Dangerous Dave

The game comes with an inbuilt stress calculator to calculate how much stressed you are depending on the minutes you have spent playing the game. On the right side of stress calculator, you will find a description of what stress is and how it is affecting the body.

Download Dangerous Dave The Game.