Free Windows 8 News App: Windows Central

Now forget about missing important information about your Windows device with Windows Central, a free news app for Windows 8 and 8.1. Stay updated with different information about your Windows devices such as desktop, mobile and other services Windows provides on your desktop right away.

Windows Central is based on the website by the same name. The news app as well as the website are for news, helpful tips and tricks, reviews and a lot more about your Windows desktop also about your Windows Phone.

Free Windows 8 News App

When you right click on the screen of the app, it brings you different categories like news, reviews, help, apps and games on the top menu bar. On the bar at the bottom, there are buttons for search and refresh.

Each category has all the latest news feed as the app keeps syncing with the updates made on the website. If you have been on the app for a long time and want to see if there are any new updates, then you can refresh the app with the help of the refresh button.

 Windows Central

The app is beautifully designed with large and medium tiles containing news from different categories of the news app. When you click on any category, it takes you to another screen where you can see big square tiles with the featuring image of the article, title over it and the author of the article. The layout of the app is clean, intuitive and responsive. It has a good color scheme with nice graphics and sideways parallax scrolling.

Windows Central

The article pages have good layout where the text and images are shown clearly making it easy for you to read all the information without having any problem. You can share the article by clicking on Share the article button.  You can share it by email, by adding it to reading list or by posting it to your social network.

Download Windows Central.