Free Logo Designing Tool For Windows 8: Logo Designer

Logo designing is a very important aspect for any individual and a company. The logo of any firm and of individual represents what they do, what they stand up for or what their motive is. Logo Designer is a free logo designing tool for Windows 8 and 8.1 that helps in making logos for free on your desktop with the given images or icons in the app itself.

The logo designing app is a powerful app that can make logos for you in a nice and simple environment. A logo of your company must be such that it can tell people what it is made for, they should know just by looking at the logo what your company’s name is or what it does. Logo design for anyone is very important and crucial at the same time.

Logo Designing Tool Logo Designer

Logo Designer app has categories from which you can select the image for your design. The categories include accounting and finance, marketing, beauty and health, people, art and entertainment, decoration and furniture, animal, automotive, food, sports, celebration and computer and internet. All these categories have images that can be chosen to become your logo or part of your logo.

The logo designing options in the app, Logo Designer are many such as design a text, background, undo all, add shapes, change color, font family, text style, bold text, delete, rotate anticlockwise, rotate clockwise, smaller size, larger size and add another.

Logo Designing Tool

This logo designing app has a big space for playing around the added design and text to create the perfect design for yourself easily. The final logo design can also be saved with the help of Save button from the left side of the menu options. It has all the icons, menus and buttons very well organized and placed rightly on the screen of the app.

Download Logo Designer.