Drop Zone For Windows 8

Drop Zone is a simple drag and drop service for Windows 8 PC. This file mover allows you to quickly move or drop files either to Windows or programs. A small pop-up appears onto the screen which is configured to move and copy file to a desired destination.

When you run Drop Zone on Windows 8 PC, you will see a small (Graphical user interface) with a small single box. This is known as drop zone. Right-click on it and get a menu with a few listed options. Mostly all the options are self-explanatory. Choose “Edit settings to get the INI file for that instance. Select option to suit and provide the destination paths, now accordingly save file and choose reload option from the Drop Zone’s menu.

Drop Zone

Drag and drop some folders and files into Drop Zone. You will see a menu pop up with assigned destination path. Choose upon a destination point and witness folders and files being dealt with it accordingly.

Features Of Drop Zone For Windows 8:

  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Simple drag and drop facility.
  • Drop zone allows to configure independently.
  • Safe, secure and reliable to use.
  • You can create multiple drop zones
  • 100% free of cost
  • Portable version
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How To Install Drop Zone In Windows 8 PC:

  • Move over to the represented website to download Drop Zone for Windows 8 PC.
  • Click on the Download portable zip.
  • Unzip the file on your Windows 8 PC.
  • Execute the *.exe file on your PC.
  • Proceed with following steps to complete the installation.

Yup, it’s done.

Drop Zone is a free portable version which allows to quickly move or drop files either to Windows or programs.

A must trail pack for Windows 8…