Sleep Timer For Windows 8

PC Sleep is a free sleep timer for Windows 8 PC. This Windows 8 Software enabled with automated functions like log off, Restart, Shutdown, Standby and Hibernate. You are almost familiar with these easy structured and user-friendly functions.

The most significant part is that you can set automated time and set your PC sleep without any extra effort. For reminder purpose, you will see a pop-up with remaining 60 seconds before the sleep time. In case, you want to stop the timer at any point of time before the PC sleeps, you can stop it by clicking the pop-up reminder before the sleep timer function executes the selected function.

This utility tool is partly good for long download, where you need to see when the download finishes and you need to shut down the PC. This will help you by setting an automated timer before processing for long downloads.

PC sleep

Now moving ahead with certain features, lets check out.

Features Of Sleep Timer For Windows 8:

  • Sets automated functions.
  • Pop up remainder before executing the selected function.
  • Provides user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use.
  • Enables to enter desired time of sleep.
  • Allows to hide the program.
  • Freeware


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

How To Install PC Sleep In Windows 8:

  • Hit the link.
  • Click on the download page.
  • Execute the downloaded setup.

You are done with it.

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Now start with PC Sleep and set automated function with execution time of sleep, hibernate, standby or log off. You are ready to put on long downloads with an ease of use without worrying to turn off or shutdown your PC after the work completion. Try the Sleep Timer For Windows 8 now…