to Doom: Windows 8 To Do List Manager App

to Doom is a nice and simple Windows 8 to do list manager app. This GTD Windows 8 app is available for free under ‘Productivity’ section of Windows Store.

This to do list manager Windows 8 app lets you focus on important task to be performed and for keeping track of the tasks that are accomplished or are pending. Here, you are provided with option for creating multiple task lists to categorize different tasks in an organized manner.

On launching this Windows 8 to do list manager app for the first time, you will be provided with following interface with a pre-populated tasklist.


You can delete the default task-list by selecting and then pressing the ‘Edit’ button placed at the bottom bar. Then, a prompt will appear on the screen with option to edit details of the list with a ‘delete’ button placed adjacent to ‘Save’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons.


Creating Tasklists on Windows 8 To Do List Manager App:

The procedure for creating a new tasklist on to Doom Windows 8 to do list manager has been included below. Have a look …

  • Click on ‘+ tasklist’ button placed on the bottom horizontal bar.
  • Next, you’ll be presented a new form asking for entering details about the tasklist to be created. ToDoom-windows-8-Tasklist
  • You will need to enter the title for new tasklist to be created, specify the deadline by entering the date and time, select a color to differentiate/identify tasklist separately and then click on ‘Add memory and task’ button.

On doing so, a new form will appear on the screen asking for adding new tasks to your list. ToDoom-GTD-win-8

  • You can easily specify the task details by entering a title, selecting deadline, and by adding a short note not exceeding 140 characters. It must be noted that to continue adding task in sequence, you will need to click on ‘Add tasks’ button. If you press ‘save’ button then the new task will be added to the list and the form will disappear.

By following the procedure above you can create multiple tasklists and include any number of  tasks in them as per requirement.

ToDoom-windows-8-GTD-manager-freeYou will also notice a timer above each list showing the time remaining to complete the tasks of a particular tasklist.

For your convenience, you can check mark the accomplished tasks.

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  • Open this link in Microsoft Internet Explorer ( 10 or later).
  • Then on the webpage click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button.
  • Next, click on ‘Install’ button on the app overview page in Windows Sore.

to Doom Windows 8 to do list Manager is only 235 kb in size and installs very quickly.

In a nutshell, to Doom is the app that lets you stay organized. It suits best for accomplishing tasks that are to be completed within a deadline. This Windows 8 to do list Manager helps you in staying focused on the project. You can consider giving it a try..