4 Free Windows 8 Todo List Apps

Here are 4 free Windows 8 todo list apps that allow you to create todo lists, and checklists of all your day-to-day activities. This way you will not forget to accomplish any important task.

All these todo list Windows 8 apps are located  under the ‘Productivity’ section of Windows 8 app store. Let me quickly point out the names of each todo list app below:

  • My To Do’s
  • My To-Do
  • To Do Tasks
  • to-do list

Below given is the detailed reviewed on all these todo list apps for Windows 8. Lets begin with:

My To Do’s

Windows 8 todo list apps

My To Do’s is a free Windows 8 todo list app that lets you create a list of things that you are supposed to do within a specific period of time. The interesting things about this Windows 8 task manager app is that you can create smart groups and categorize your tasks. For example: for all offices related tasks, you can create a separate ‘Office’ group and can add all your office todos there. Similarly, for shopping tasks, or any other task, you can add a separate groups for all. This feature lets you manage you tasks in a more systematic way.

As you open this todo list Windows 8 app, you will find a default group. Now, in order to add more groups or to edit the existing one ? just right-click anywhere on the screen and you will instantly find all the options such as Add Task, Edit Task, Delete Task, Add Group, Edit Group, and Delete Group. All in all, My To Do’s is a good utility task managing app. Go ahead and download My To Do’s app in Windows 8 now.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

My To-Do

ToDo list app

My To-Do is another utility todo list Windows 8 app that lets you keep track of your day-to-day activities. A list of daily activities has been given at the right vertical column and you can easily add as many new items or categories as you want. Just click on ‘Add New To’ to add items to the list.

Select one from the entire list and add some description in the given box. It’s very simple and easy-to-use app for creating todo lists. Go ahead and download My To-Do in Windows 8 now.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

To Do Tasks


Yet another powerful todo list app for Windows 8, To Do Tasks that lets you add all your day-to-day tasks that you need to accomplish. It’s a very simple todo list creator where you just need to type your task and click on ‘Add’ button.

The interesting thing about To Do Tasks is that you can change the color of your task box and make you todo list colorful and refreshing. You can also remove your completed tasks, from within the app. Also, you can share it with others via Email, SkyDrive, or via other online services, from within the app. Go ahead and download To Do Tasks in Windows 8 app.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

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to-do list

Windows 8 todo list app

to-do list is an excellent todo list manager that is best suitable for creating short lists everyday. It’s a very simple to-do list where you need to just input your task and click on ‘Add’ button. Also, once you are done with a task, just click on the small square box and it will automatically cut the done task. This makes it easier for you to differentiate between the ‘Done’ and ‘Undone’ tasks’.

Well.. I really liked to-do list app as it is very useful for creating checklists, or small tasks list, right on your Windows 8 screen. Go ahead and download to-do list app in Windows 8.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free