Custom Tiles Maker: Add Photos As Tiles On Windows 8 Start Screen

Custom Tiles Maker is a Windows 8 Tile Making app, which lets you add your photos as tiles to the Start Screen. It’s a simple app to create start screen tiles from your photos and fill it with your memorable moments. You have the option to create either Simple, Random, or Changing Tiles (though Random and Changing options are paid). This free Windows 8 Tile Making app is available in Tools section of Windows Store.

Create tiles using Custom Tiles Maker and pin them onto your Start Screen. Take Photos directly using system’s Webcam or any other Device, or use any other Images or Photos that are available on your local storage and make beautiful Tiles for your Start Screen. Apart from these basic features, you can avail more advanced features, like Cropping, by paying some initial amount.

Custom Tiles Maker- Main Screen

Let’s get you a better idea about how to make Tiles using this free app.

Create Tiles using Custom Tiles Maker

As you reach the main screen of this free Windows 8 Tile Making app, a number of options will be displayed on the main screen. Simple Tiles is one of the free option that is available here.

Custom Tiles Maker- Provide details

As you click on the Simple Tiles, it will open up a page where details about what you have to follow in order to create the Simple Tile is given. From there, Select the Photo you want to create tile from. Then you have to specify the layout of the tile. This option lets you specify in how many parts (Rows and Columns) you want to split your photo to.

Now here you can choose only some of the options freely; only which have no lock available with them. For using rest of the options you have to pay some initial amount.

After that the photo will open up divided into the number of Rows and Columns that you have specified.  Then  you can adjust the Cropping of the Photo or Image, but for doing that you have to pay some initial price.

Custom Tiles Maker- Pin the tiles to start screen

Now for each of the element of the Photo, you have to pin it to the start screen. For doing this, just click on the tile and the option to pin it on to start.

Custom Tiles Maker- Tile Appearance

This is how the tiles appear when they have been made. Now, you have the independence of choosing the position of the tiles.

As mentioned earlier, there are other options available for making Random Tiles and Changing Tiles. But for that facility, you have to pay some initial price.

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Key Features of Custom Tiles Maker

  • Free Availability: The basic features of Custom Tiles Maker are completely free.
  • Support for Webcam: Can take photos directly from webcam connected to PC, or choose them from hard disk.
  • Help: Availability of Steps we have to follow in order to make tiles.
  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this app is quite nice.
  • Ease of work: The working of the app is quite easy.

My Opinion about Custom Tiles Maker

This free Windows 8 Tile Making app is quite easy to use. Although, you have to pay some price in order to use all the features of the app. But, in spite of all this, the free features of the app are quite great. I used this to make Simple Tiles. You have to figure out yourself how the app works for other types. All in all, a great app; Custom Tiles Maker deserves a try.

Get Custom Tiles Maker here.