Windows 8 Game App Free: Hungry Panda

Hungry Panda is a free Windows 8 Game app. The free game can be availed from Games category of the Windows Store. The Game has a panda who uses roller skates to progress his way through the Forest. Upon the way, the Panda has to grab and eat the appearing Bamboo or Food. On its way, the Panda has to maintain its path by avoiding the various pits which fall in its way.

Your main aim in this Windows 8 Game app is to avoid all the pits that falls on the Panda’s way and help him progress through the forest. While passing through, you must ensure that the panda collects as much food as possible.

Hungry Panda- Main Screen

The Game has high quality graphics which makes it even more engaging. You don’t even need a live Internet connection in order to play this free game.

Let’s help you get a better idea about the app.

Jump and Collect Food in this Windows 8 Game app

As you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Game app, the option to Start the Game will appear. As you progress through this free Windows 8 Game app, the screen will move by itself. You just have to use the Spacebar in order to jump the pits that come along your path through the Forest.

Hungry Panda- Gameplay

Your main aim here, as I have mentioned earlier, is to jump over pits as long as possible, and eat as much as possible. This free Windows 8 Game app will progress as you avoid falling in the pits. You even have the option to Pause the Game as you are progressing through the Forest. So you can finish some urgent work and get back to the game-play from wherever you left.

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Key Features of this Windows 8 Game app

  • Ease of functionality: This Game is easy as compared to other similar games. You just have to use the Spacebar in order to avoid the Pits in order to progress through the Game.
  • Free: The Game is freely available in Windows Store.
  • Nice Graphics Quality: The Graphics that are used in this Windows 8 Game app are quite nice and of good quality.
  • Progress through the Game as much as possible: Given the condition that you are able to save the Hungry Panda as it travels through, you can play as long as possible.
  • No Internet Connection required: The Game does not require an active Internet Connection while playing.

My Final Take on Hungry Panda

Finally, I would like to say that this Windows 8 Game app is quite nice. The graphics supported in the Game are quite nice and impressed me a lot. The best thing is that it does not even require an active Internet Connection. That’s why, the Game deserves a thumbs up and is worth a try.

Get Hungry Panda here!