Windows 8 Weather App To See 7 Days Forecast: Vieather

Vieather is a free Windows 8 weather app, available in News & Weather category of Windows Store. The app allows you to see an accurate seven days weather forecast of your location. This app accurately determines your location by using the Windows 8’s location services. What’s so great about this app is that it allows you to view hour by hour (that’s right! hour by hour!) forecast of your location. Mostly the weather apps simply show you the maximum and minimum temperatures and the weather conditions for the whole day, but this app takes the idea a step further by showing temperatures for every hour, and also shows the weather conditions for every hour as well! The app also shows a beautiful graph for the weather conditions of the whole week.

This free Windows 8 weather app has all the basic features of switching to degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit through its settings (accessible through the bottom flyout), and although the app shows you the weather forecast details for your location (through Windows 8’s location services), you can also manually view the weather forecast details for another location by manually adding a location.

Vieather-Welcome Screen

Using this Free Windows 8 Weather App to View Weather Forecast

When you launch the app, it will ask you to allow permission for using your location. Click on Allow. Then almost immediately, you will be presented with a beautifully laid out weather forecast for your location.

Vieather - Weather Forecast

In the above image, you can see the current temperature at the top, and the hourly sorted temperature and weather conditions at the left side of the screen towards the bottom. All the locations that you have added will appear at the extreme right under the locations tab, and the forecast tab will show you a neat graph of the weekly temperature and conditions (conditions are shown as icons at the bottom of the graph, below the name of the day). You can easily add other locations manually through the bottom flyout. Once added, you can view the properties of the new location by clicking on it from under the locations tab.

Vieather - Viewing Weather Forecast of Added Location

In the above screenshot, I have added New York to my locations and have opened up the weather data for the same by clicking on it from the extreme right under the locations tab. This pretty much sums up all the features offered by this free Windows 8 weather app.

What I like about this Free Windows 8 Weather App?

  • The beautiful interface.
  • Weekly forecast. Also check out Storm to get 15 days weather forecast.
  • Hour by hour weather data which is incredibly accurate.
  • Support for docked view as well as live tiles.
  • Option to easily switch between locations.
  • No advertisements at all!
  • Graphical view of weekly forecast.

The verdict?

Vieather is an incredibly beautiful app that tells you accurate hour by hour forecast of your location. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t find anything to dislike about this Windows 8 weather app. It has no advertisements, the interface is extremely beautiful and customizable, you get the option to switch between locations with ease, and get a graphical view of the whole week’s weather forecast! What more could you ask from a weather app? My advice: Do check it out.

I give this app a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Get Vieather for Windows 8.