Bubble Star: Windows 8 Game App

Bubble Star is a free Windows 8 game app. Play the famous bubble shooting game now on Windows 8 and have fun.

Bubble Star is a popular bubbles shooting game. In this game, you have to match three or more bubbles to blast them. You have to remove all the bubles on the board, before they reach the floor. There are hundreds of stages to play, so keep going. The download size of the game is 13MB.

bubble star

About Bubble Star Game App on Windows 8:

Bubble Star is a good addictive game. It’s available on almost every mobile platforms and now it’s available on Windows 8 too. This game is quite differently designed than other versions. There are more than 120 levels and more special levels are coming soon. There are many modes also in this game, let’s discuss them in detail.

Bubble Star is set in a space like theme. There are 6 levels and each of them has 20 stages to complete; summing up to 120 levels in total. The levels are named as: main sequence, star fusion, pulsar nebula, quasar disc, gravity field, and stellar limit. Once you complete the starting stage then you can unlock the next and so on. In each stage you can score up to 3 stars, so on a whole you can score 60 stars per level.

bubble star stages

Game Play of Bubble Star:

There are different colored bubbles in each stage and new colored bubbles keep adding in the upcoming stages. The shooter will give you a random bubble to shoot and you have to shoot it such that, it couples with same colored bubbles. If you couple three or more bubbles, then they will pop up. You will be given a limited number of shots (which will be shown on the right side). When they expire the roof of bubbles drop by one step. So, pop all the bubbles before they reach the floor. There are special bubbles to help you out like: asteroid bubbles to increase your score, bomber bubbles to pop up nearby bubbles, transparent bubbles to drop a group of bubbles connected to them, and so on. There’s a straight mode and hex mode; in which the bubbles are placed in straight or hexagonal passion. In the hexagonal passion, the bubbles are grouped together in hexagonal form in the center; and it keeps rotating per shot.

bubble star game app

Features of This Windows 8 Game App:

Here are the features of Windows 8 game app:

  • This game is free on Windows store.
  • There are 120 levels to play and complete.
  • You can play both straight and hexagonal modes.
  • The music effects and graphics are good.
  • Lots of power ups and bonuses.

bbubble star score

Install bubble Star Game App on Windows 8:

Open this Windows Store web page link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. Navigate to Windows Store app and install it from there.

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