The Hacker News: Windows 8 News App

The Hacker News is a free Windows 8 news app; available in News & Weather section of Windows store. This app feeds all the news from the famous social news website Hacker News. These news are mainly based on startup companies and hacking news; hence the name Hacker News. The comments and points gained can also be viewed in this app itself. View all the: new posts, comments, forums, and navigate to the original news website directly. Internet connection is required for the app to load the news.

hacker news

The Hacker News App:

The Hacker News App is an interesting News app available in Windows Store. Read the latest news and discussions on: technology and entrepreneurship. View comments and discussions also on these news articles in the app itself. Let’s have a detailed look about this Windows 8 news app.

The Hacker News app interface looks as shown above. There are various categories like: home, new, best submission, active discussions, classic view, ask hacker news, best comments, new comments, and FAQ.

  • Home: This category shows all the news of Hacker News home page.
  • New: Get the latest hacker news in this section. This section keeps you updated on the hot news from Hacker.
  • Best Submission: In this section, the best rated news on Hacker news website are displayed here.
  • Active Discussions: This category shows the ongoing active discussions on hacker website.
  • Classic View: Get the classic view on Hacker News.
  • Ask Hacker News: This category shows all the questions asked.
  • Best Comments: This category shows all the best rated comments on Hacker news.
  • New Comments: In this category you can see, the new comments posted on Hacker news.

windows 8 hacker news

If you want to search for any category of news on Hacker news, then press Windows + Q and type in your search (as shown below). To open the original news website click on the arrow mark located on top right of the app.

hacker news search

Features of This Windows 8 News App:

The features of this Windows 8 news app are:

  • The Hacker News app is free.
  • Read social news on startup and technology.
  • View news, discussions, and comments.
  • Also view best comments and best discussions of Hacker News.
  • Navigate to the news web page directly.
  • The app can be used in Snap mode also.

hacker news app snap mode

Installing The Hacker News on Windows 8:

Open this Windows 8 Store link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. From there you can navigate to the Windows Store directly to install the app on Windows 8.

I found an other Free Hacker news app in Windows Store but the interface is not as good as this one. So, keep yourself updated bout Hacker news using this Windows 8 news app. Also try: StumbleUpon App or Top Gear news App.