Alarm Clock For Windows 8

Clever Alarm 3 is a free desktop alarm clock for Windows 8, which allows user to create sound and text notification on your desktop. You can set alarm in different modes such as for lunch time, for break time, tea-time, and the like. Once set, it will show up a pop-up for each specified break with a text notification on it.

Clever Alarm 3 just takes 50 KB space on your hard disk. This portable tool provides a user-friendly deal with an intuitive graphic interface.

You can set predefined alarm in terms of hours, minutes and seconds frame. You can also add choices of both sound or text notification. It automatically synchronize time from your PC.

Clever Alarm 3

I have already scheduled my break time with Clever Alarm 3, of course I can’t miss my break fun.

Key Features Of Alarm Clock For Windows 8:

  • Portable Version(No installation required)
  • Enter a private message to remind you on text notification.
  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • Alarm can even be stopped at middle of way.
  • Supports multiple languages (English and Russian).
  • Simple and easy tool to use.
  • Supports multiple audio formats for sound notification including (MP3, WAV, MID).
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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

How To Install Clever Alarm 3 To Your PC:

  • Head over to the Homepage to download Clever Alarm 3 to your PC .
  • Click on the “Download Clever Alarm 3 From Our Website”
  • A zip file would be downloaded to your PC.
  • Un zip the file format.
  • Launch the file on your PC.

Clever Alarm 3 is a remarkable tool to schedule break timings. As I did, you should also try it out.