5 Best Software For Windows 8 Till April 1, 2012

Here are 5 Best Software for Windows 8 Till April 1, 2012. These five Windows 8 software are out of the ones we reviewed till date. Since the day Windows 8 Beta has released, we have reviewed so many Windows 8 software for our readers so that they do not look around the whole Internet to search for one such software.

Let me quickly introduce you with them – Antivirus, Dropbox, Orbit Downloader, Safari Browser, Partition Manager. All these are the very basic ones that are extremely useful in every Operating system.

Below given are the detailed reviews of each software below. Let get started with —

Avast Antivirus For Windows 8:

The very popular Avast Antivirus is available for Windows 8 at zero cost. It has been designed especially for the very new Windows 8. An Antivirus van protect your system from virus and malware attacks. Avast Antivirus pop ups the threat updates in case your Windows is not under protected or not scanned. Read more about Avast Antivirus For Windows 8 or simple download it from here.

Windows 8 Partition Manager:

Windows 8 partition manager help you out in creating, deleting, merging, extending and shrinking partition in Windows 8. Aomei Partition Assistant Windows 8 is a smart drive partitioning software which works on both Windows 8 64 bit & 32 bit. Read more about Windows 8 Partition Manager or simply download it from here.

Blank And Secure:

Blank and secure is a free portable tool which allows you to permanently delete files from PC without any scope of recovering it. You can securely delete files from PC with out the possibility of recovering it. Deleted folders or files can never be retrieved from any where, by any chance. This means you can completely remove all deleted confidential data from PC. Read more about Blank And Secure or simply download it from here.

Apple Safari Browser:

Yet another amazing software for Windows 8, it’s the very popular Safari Browser. Safari Browser indeed changes the way you interact with people around the globe. People who think and learn visually, this classic Safari Browser is just the perfect for them. Read more about Safari Browser or download it from here.

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Orbit Downloader:

The most used Orbit Downloader works great over Windows 8. You can download large-sized files easily since it resumes the downloading from where you had left paused. Let me tell you, I used this Orbit Downloader to download Windows 8 Beta version. Read more about Orbit Downloader or download it from here.