4 Reasons Why Windows 8 Won’t Be Dead On Arrival

It was only yesterday when I was discussing Windows 8 with my colleagues. Some of my colleagues stuck with the prediction that Windows 8 will be dead on arrival, while some other disagreed with it and argued that Windows 8 won’t be dead on arrival. Well, I was among one of those who believed that Windows 8 won’t be dead. Of course, I have some good reasons for the same. Here are 4 Reasons Why Windows 8 Won’t Be Dead On Arrival.

The Metro Interface

The all new Metro UI interface of Windows 8 is shiny and new stuff which will make people attracted towards Windows 8. Metro is basically a placement of elements on a desktop screen. The Metro interface reduces the unnecessary information which makes the content very shiny and customized. The usage of various colors and text makes it easier for you identify different applications.

The Windows 8 Applications

The all new app store in Windows 8 is what most of the people are awaiting. The even attractive part is that along with the new Windows 8 apps, it will also run the applications which run in Windows 7 on x86/x64 Computers, provided the Windows should have the same hardware. In short, the Windows 8 app store is going to rock this year.


Developers have worked really hard on writing apps for Windows 8 WinRT platform. Windows 8 is the pioneer in providing large section of languages to run variety of amazing apps. Also, it allows other developers to write apps for Windows 8 and submit them.

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Smart Phones and Tablets

It has been rumored that the next top version of a smart Windows phone will have Windows 8. Metro works really well on touch-screen smart phone devices and hence, I can say it undoubtedly that Windows 8 will work excellent on tablets, only if the rumors comes out to be true..