How To Sell Apps On Windows 8 Market Place

Microsoft unveiled complete details about its upcoming online Windows 8 App Store to sell apps on Windows 8 Market Place. Here is How to Sell Apps on Windows 8 Market Place.

Windows 8 App Store will open somewhere in late February, along with the beta version of Windows 8. With this all new Microsoft Windows 8, you can get accessed with the customers around the world just by displaying your apps in the Windows 8 app store. It is very simple and easy to create, submit, and sell apps in Windows 8 Market Place.

The Windows 8 app store lets you design, develop, and create Metro style apps. You can thereafter, submit apps once Windows store opens for submissions. However, for now you can share these metro style apps with developers to let them test your built apps and to get reviews.

Lets Read What All Windows Store Has For You To Offer:

  • App Visibility:

The listing page displays your app to people around the world using text, images, and links.

  • Catalogue Reach:

Your app will be available to the people around the world. You just need to write about your app once, set the price of the app in your own local currency, and the Windows 8 Store will make it available on worldwide Windows 8 market place in more than hundred languages.

  • Transparent Terms and Conditions:

The Windows Store terms and agreements are very much clear and concise. It lets you read the actual agreements before you get yourself registered as a Windows Store developer.

  • Flexible Price Tiers and Pricing Models:

The Windows 8 Store offers you flexible model for giving price to your apps.

  • Multiple Apps Delivery Options:

As soon as Windows Store gets opened for you to submit your apps, you can make decent amount via in-app advertising, free trial version, third-party transaction services, and more.

If you want to know about selling apps on Windows 8 market place, read the entire post by Microsoft on Sell Apps on Windows 8 Market Place.