How Windows 8 Will Look Without A Start Menu Button?

The crucial Start Menu Button that has been with us since Windows 95 is missing from the latest version of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system. The button was introduced as a “Launchpad” for an operating system, thereby helping us in activities like accessing software, various files, search tab, and more.

However, Microsoft has decided to remove the Start Button from the Windows 8 interface and to introduce an all new interface. When I heard about this new, I was completely surprised. The only question came into my mind was “then what the start button is being replaced with?” and “how Windows 8 will look without a Start menu button?” Well, after retrieving all about Windows 8 start menu removal, I decided to share it with you in brief. Lets go ahead…

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Before that, take a look over the leaked screenshot that displays how Windows 8 will look without a Start menu buttonWindows8startbutton

The interface of the upcoming Microsoft’s Windows 8 will replace the “Start Menu Button” with the all new “Super Bar”. Super Bar is a version of “Taskbar”. The “Super Bar” will be similar to an average taskbar including some float over features taken place with it. When you take the mouse cursor on the left-side, it will bring you a full-fledged menu that you used to view by clicking onto the “Start Menu” button.