3 Free Windows 8 Text Editor Apps

Here is a list of 3 free Windows 8 Text Editor apps.

Notepad is the simplest text editor you get by default with Windows. Editing text in Notepad is no doubt easy, but it doesn’t support much of the text formatting and has a boring interface. If you want a modern text editor for your Windows 8 system, we have found 3 different Windows 8 text editor apps that offer extended functionality and allows you to edit text easily. Using these apps would be a great experience as they provide a distraction free environment with all necessary text editing features. While reviewing these Windows 8 text editor apps, we will also make a comparison of their characteristics to make it easier for you to decide which one would fit to your need. So let’s get started and have a look on these apps.

The apps we are going to review here are WritePlus, Notepad Classic, and Write. Let’s have a look on them.



WritePlus is a fantastic Windows 8 text editor app that offer tons of useful editing features besides letting the user write or edit text files. You can write in Bold or Italics, apply different Heading styles to the text, or even change the Theme of the app in one click. There’s a proper menu from where you can access options to Save, Print, or Share (via Email) the files. WritePlus automatically saves the document every 1 minute, and offers a Deep Focus feature to highlight the current line or paragraph you are on and gray out the rest of the text.

This free Windows 8 text editor also offers control sliders to adjust the document width and size of font. The file can be saved in “.txt” format or can be printed if required. WritePlus is a must try text editor app for all Windows 8 users.

Click here to get WritePlus.

Notepad Classic:

Notepad Classic

Next is Notepad Classic, a free Windows 8 text editor app designed to offer you easily write or edit text files within a clean and modern interface. The app supports necessary text editing features, like Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Find, and Replace, and also some formatting features like changing font style and size, font color, and background color of the app. However, the formatting effects doesn’t work on selected text; they format all the text written within the file.

Apart from that, this free Windows 8 text editor app displays the line and column number you are on and also shows you the word count if required. It also has the ability to insert the current date and time in your document and save it in formats other than TXT, including HTML, XML, JSON, and many other programming file formats. Text encoding, printing, and sharing with other apps is also supported. Another must try Windows 8 text editor app.

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Last one is Write, the simplest of all; an app designed specially to offer a distraction free text editing to Windows 8 users. This app doesn’t have a feature list, but this is what is unique about the app. If you don’t want to use an advanced text editor, this app is for you. Just launch the app and start writing!! Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Select All are the only options available, and the document can be saved in plain text format (only). Give it a try and see if it suits your need.

Click here to get Write.

These were some best free Windows 8 text editor apps we have found. Hope you like the collection. If you work with some other similar app which is free and more handy, do share with us via comments. We always love to hear from you.. 🙂