Windows 8 Game Emulator To Play Sega, NES Games

Nesbox is a Windows 8 Game Emulator. Using this Game Emulator, you can play your favorite Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and NES games on your Windows 8 PC. That’s right! You can again enjoy those games from the 90’s which you used to enjoy playing using the Gaming Consoles. You can also save and load the games that you play here.

There is an option to change the settings and controls of the game. You can also use your XBOX 360  gaming console to play the games. Nesbox has support for NES (.nes), Super Nintendo (.smc), and Sega (.gen) file types, which means if you have any game in any of these formats, you can play them using this Emulator.

Nesbox is freely available in the Entertainment category of the Windows Store.


Using this Windows 8 Game Emulator

In this emulator, some of the games are available by default.

Nesbox-  main screen

You can also search the games, using the search option that is available. As you input the name for the game, the emulator would provide you with a number of matches. Choose any of the option that comes in here, the emulator will open up various links in the Windows 8 IE app. The first link is from the Nesbox official site where the games are available for free. If you use that link, the option to open the game with Nesbox will appear. As you use the option,  the game will install to the emulator, and would start.


The controls are same for all the games. For seeing the controls that are available to you, you can use the setting option that is available in the bottom flyout of the emulator. As you use this, the controls would be shown in a vertical tab on  the right side of the interface.


You have the option to save any game at any time during playing it. For that, you just have to use the Save option that appears in the bottom flyout of the app, if you right click the screen while you are playing the game. That game will be saved along with the entire progress you have made. The game will then appear in the My Saves category on the main page of the emulator.  If you click to open any game, the game will start from the saving point.


You an also load any game from your local storage. The emulator will load all the games having  NES (.nes), Super Nintendo (.smc), and Sega Genesis(.gen) formats quite easily. For that, use the Load option that is available in the bottom flyout of the emulator’s start screen and locate the file from your system.

Nesbox-  Donkey Kong gameplay

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Key Features of  this Free Windows 8 Game Emulator

  • It will allow you to play any game which has .nes, .smc, or .gen format.
  • You have the independence to change the controls of the game.
  • You can also save any games in this free Windows 8 game emulator.
  • This Windows 8 Game Emulator is freely available in the Windows store.

 My Verdict

To conclude it all, I would like to add that Nesbox is quite a nice Emulator. And what more! It even gives you a chance to play your most loved console games from the 90’s  (that too freely). All in all,  it is quite a nice emulator app. You should definitely try it.

Get Nesbox here