Learn Maths Operations Using This Windows 8 Maths App

Math Rush Basic Operations Lite  is a Windows 8 Maths app. You can use this app to practice your maths skills. Using this app, you can test your mathematical skills for solving the basic mathematical operations, viz, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The app looks more like a game, which you can enjoy while  learning. In this educational app, you have to complete calculations within a stipulated time.

The app has the option to add as many as 4 players, who can compete against each other to gain a better mathematical edge. All the operations have more than hundred levels available to play.

Math Rush Basic Operations Lite  is freely available in the Education category of  Windows Store.

Math Rush Basic Operations Lite

Using this Windows 8 Maths app

As you get to the main screen of the app, the option to name your players will be shown to you.You can add at most 4 players in the app.

Math Rush Basic Operations Lite- Main screen

After you specify the names of the players here, the option to start the game with a specific player will appear on the next page. Choose the player and click ‘Play’ option. After that, the screen to choose the operation for which you want to check your mathematical skills will appear. Each of the operations, viz, addition, subtraction,  and multiplication have 999 levels available, whereas you can play 99 levels in the division operation.

Math Rush Basic Operations Lite- Operation

Then you can start the app to test your mathematical skills. The app works more like a game after this. Let me get you a better idea of this Game like  app:

As you get to the main screen, you will be shown a board on which a number of balloons will be displayed. On each of these balloons a number will be shown. In a panel on the top of this board, an operation for which you are testing your skill for, will be displayed, along with an equation. You have to see  by using which numbers and that operator would you be able to get the specified solution.

As you begin the game, a time count, the user name, and the level number will be shown to you. If you click on a balloon, its number would be placed into the equation and the balloons would be eliminated. Once you complete this equation, another will be shown to you. Your aim is to eliminate all the balloons within the time count that is shown. Just keep in mind that if you make 3 mistakes, you will fail.

The availability of hundreds of levels for each of the operations will ensure that your skills are polished.

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Key Features of Math Rush Basic Operations Lite

  • Availability of hundreds of levels for checking your mathematical skills.
  • The Interface of the app gives it a game like feel.
  • The app is for free in the Windows store.

My Verdict

Math Rush Basic Operations Lite is a nice Windows 8 Maths app to practice Maths calculation skills. You should try it for sure.

Get Math Rush Basic Operations Lite here!