Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft’s next version of Internet Browser is Internet Explorer 10  i.e. IE 10 which is currently under development process. It is the successor of Internet Explorer 9. First preview of IE 10 was...
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Redesigned Windows 8

Here is a quick post on Redesigned Windows 8. One of the major changes done by Microsoft in its latest version of Windows 8 operating system is the Windows Explorer. New Windows explorer now has more...
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SkyDrive in Windows 8

SkyDrive Announced During BUILD conference in California,  Microsoft showed off SkyDrive in Windows 8. SkyDrive is basically a file hosting service where different users can upload their files to a cloud...
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Windows 8 Control Panel

Windows 8 control panel, based on Metro UI interface has widely appreciated by developers across the world. Control Panel in Windows 8 is the most talked feature after the Start menu. The Windows 8 control...
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Windows 8 Metro

Guide to Metro UI in Windows 8

When we logon to Windows 8, we now no longer see a desktop, instead groups of tiles for IE, various other apps etc. This is the latest Mircosoft Windows 8 Metro UI specially designed for tablet PC’s...
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Windows 8 Task manager Compact View

Task Manager in Windows 8

New Task manager is one the significant changes done in latest Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. We have already covered some of the features of Windows 8. Improved Task Manager for Windows 8 is one...
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Windows 8 Boot Time

Faster Boot Time in Windows 8

Windows 8 will have a boot time of less than 2 seconds. From survey, Microsoft showed that lot of PC users prefer to shut down Windows completely than putting their PCs into sleep or hibernation mode....
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