SkyDrive in Windows 8

SkyDrive Announced

During BUILD conference in California,  Microsoft showed off SkyDrive in Windows 8. SkyDrive is basically a file hosting service where different users can upload their files to a cloud storage space. For SkyDrive in Windows 8 feature, Windows 8 operating system will now have a high level integration with Windows Live such that users can easily sync their files, user settings in different machines in, Windows Live cloud integration, just like in Windows Phone 7.

Windows Live

With SkyDrive integrated into the latest Windows 8, users can now quickly access their files online just by sign-in into their Windows Live account. From this Windows Live account, users can upload and download their files between Windows and SkyDrive. For quick access, user can access files through the Metro user interface, where access is fast and smooth.

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Working within Metro user interface, user can access their online photo album, share them or can locally email to people. Files uploaded on SkyDrive will have options to share them with only a particular group of people or only a particular individual. Other than online document and photo viewing, following are the other features of SkyDrive Integration in Windows 8:-

    • Synchronize and save windows applications across various PC’s
    • Hotmail and Bing integration
    • Can download group of files in a zip folder

Storage Information

  • Will have unlimited storage space for photos and office documents
  • Limited storage space of around 25GB for other files with each file size not more than 100MB
  • Up to 5 file can be uploaded at a time