WordBook: Windows 8 Dictionary App

WordBook is a free Windows 8 dictionary app located under ‘Books & Reference’ section of Windows 8 app store. This dictionary app for Windows 8 lets you search for difficult words and get the meaning of those words, instantly. Not only this, the app also comes with a well-established ‘Thesaurus’ using which you can find the synonyms of the words and improve your vocabulary. Its fast, intuitive, beautifully designed especially for Windows 8 interface.

Here, in this Windows 8 dictionary app, you can find over 220,000 definitions, over 50,000 samples of using a particular word, around 30,000 etymologies, 120,000 pronunciation guide, 150,000 audio, in-built word links, and much more. You can also check your search history or words that you have added to ‘Favorite’ list.

Windows 8 dictionary app

The interesting part about this Windows 8 dictionary app is the browse-like navigation. As you type a word in the search box, you will find all the related words and you can select any to view the meaning, thesaurus, or word link. Also, the Windows 8’s Search Charm is integrated with the app and hence, you can search for difficult words using that, as well. Let me point out the main features of WordBook Windows 8 dictionary app below.

Features Of Windows 8 Dictionary App:

  • Lets you find the meaning of difficult words, instantly.
  • Comes with definitions, thesaurus, and word links.
  • Lets you view the search history, or words that you have added to ‘Favorite’ list.
  • Comes with pronunciation guide.
  • Lets you listen to the pronunciation of each searched word by using the ‘Audio’ icon.
  • Integrated Windows 8’s Search Charm lets you find meanings of difficult words.
  • It’s very easy and reliable to use.
  • Free Windows 8 app.

Well.. I really liked this dictionary Windows 8 app where you can find definitions of 150,000 entries, samples of using words which makes it easier to understand a word and to improve you vocabulary. You can listen to the pronunciation of each searched word, check search history, view synonyms of each word, word links, and the like. It’s a must-have app for those who want to improve their vocabulary (like me). I am going to have it now..

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How To Install WordBook App In Windows 8:

  1. Open this given link strictly in IE10.
  2. Click ‘View in Windows Store’ in order to open the app in the app store.
  3. Now, proceed with further downloading steps and get the app now.

In short, WordBook is a good useful Windows 8 app to improve your vocabulary, learn how to pronounce a word, listen to the audio of each word for better understanding, view thesaurus of the words, word links, and more. Go ahead and download WordBook app in Windows 8 now.