Create Your Own Wine List Using My Wine Lists

My Wine Lists is a free application for all the wine lovers which helps them to create their own wine list. This awesome application is supported by My Wine Lists is a great application for those people who are interested in browsing and creating their own wine list so that they can easily switch to their favorite wine on an occasion. Just browse through the wines present there within this application and choose your own delight according to your mood and you can also check the reviews from your fellow winos about that wine. If you are wine lover, then i am sure you would love this app too. Try this Windows 8 application for free from the windows 8 app store


So now you don’t have to ask anybody for your quenching, you just have to select a category and browse through the wine list by registering on and cherish the delicacy with its proper food pairing. You can check out its vintage, how much it costs, its rating, the region from where it originated, the type of grape and lots of other things.

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Addition to all that browsing, you can also create your own wine list and share with your other wino friends on social networking sites and can easily rate it by just registering to the


In the above screenshot, you can see the wine list named as My Delicacy. So just like that, you can create a number of lists according  to your mood or price or the grape type or whatever hits your mind. Try My Wine Lists for free from the Windows 8 app store.