Windows 8 MusixMatch App

With the increasing popularity of bundle of amazing Windows 8 apps that Microsoft has provided in its new OS, more and more people have finally started replacing their current OS with the new Windows 8 one.

And for all those new Windows 8 users, we have been scrutinizing each and every app to make it easier for them to play around. Apart from Windows 8 apps, we have also been bringing you all the possible Windows 8 tutorials and other Windows 8 Software so as to help you with working over this new Microsoft’s OS.

This time we are up to the Windows 8 MusixMatch app that enables you to find and match lyrics of the most popular Hollywood songs  you. The app display full-fledged lyrics of all your favorite songs, its video (streamed from YouTube), and the name artist name at the top. Lets me quickly jot down the main features below.

Features Of Windows 8 MusixMatch App:

  • Brings you lyrics of Hollywood songs
  • Brings you videos streamed from YouTube
  • Lyrics are laid out in columns, extremely clean and clear.
  • Clicking over the Video will take you directly to YouTube website to let you watch the video there.
  • Songs have been categorized as– “Top United States” and “Top World”

How To Look For A Song’s Lyrics In Windows 8 At MusixMatch App:

  • Go onto the MusixMatch App installed in Start Menu
  • Once opened, you will come across top United States songs and Top World songs. Take a look over the screen shot below:

  • Now select a song, of which you want to check out the lyrics or the video.
  • Now, it will quickly load you the lyrics and the video of the selected song like this:

  • Video like below:
In short, Windows 8 MusixMatch App is a good unique addition to Windows 8 app store that Microsoft has given to its much hyped OS.