Windows 8 Facebook App

With the increasing usage of Internet, more and more people are bending towards social networking websites to keep themselves in touch with their old friends, their colleagues and other relatives. By keeping in mind the importance of social networking sites, specifically the widely used Facebook, Microsoft has finally launched a separate Facebook App for Windows 8. However, the name given to this social networking app is the “Socialite” app. You need to click on “People” app to get accessed with this “Socialite” app in Windows 8.

As you click over to the Windows 8 “Socialite” app, it will take you to a new window displaying a Facebook login screen. Well, initially it surprised me with the Facebook the built-in Facebook app. But, I must say, it’s absolutely user-friendly.

This Facebook app for Windows 8 lets you check out the new feed in just a single click anytime, without log-in time and again. You can easily ‘Comment’ or ‘Like’ a picture, a status, or a video, similar to how you have been doing in your Facebook account. Also, you can check out the profiles, update status, view Facebook photos (both yours and your friend’s), and other activities you have been performing your over Facebook account.

The good part is that this Windows 8 Facebook App also allows you to view who all, among your Facebook friends, are using this Windows 8 app. Once found, the app will bring you a separate settings for you to keep in contact with those friends who are currently using this app. For your convenience, let me quickly jot down the features of this Windows 8 Facebook app below.

Features Of Windows 8 Facebook App:

  • Lets you browse around you profile, update your Facebook status.
  • Lets you view photos in an easy way
  • You can keep yourself abreast about Facebook friends
  • Friends list is in Alphabetic thumbnail interface.
  • A nice “Checkins” feature lets you update with your friends as to where you are and what you are currently doing.
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In short, Windows 8 Facebook App is an excellent addition that Microsoft has added to its new Windows 8 OS. Go ahead and start working over with it now…