Windows 8 Messaging App

The all new Microsoft’s Windows 8 is very much different and unique. We can not deny the fact that browsing around Windows 8 requires some learning. Means, you need to look around thoroughly in order to access it properly.

Windows 8 brings up tons of amazing pre-installed apps such as NEWS Feed App, People App, Music App, Email Client, Messaging, and more…with a handful of other useful apps in the Windows 8 Apps store to download from. However, here we have looked over at Windows 8 Messaging App.

The pre-installed Messaging App in Windows 8 is an instant message service, wherein you can chat with your friends without installing any external messenger. The messenger has its own contact list. The contact list is incorporated with Windows 8 Messaging app via the account you have connected it to such as Facebook, Hotmail, or any other.

The messaging app in Windows 8 works really well when you are into a conversation. It also gives you a notification whenever anyone pings you.

However, one thing I did not like about this Messaging app is that there is no option to start a conversation. You need to go to People hub in order to start a new conversation. Hence, in my opinion, Messaging app in Windows 8 is excellent for carrying a conversation on but not that good for starting a new conversation.

How To Work With Windows 8 Messaging App:

Go onto the Start screen menu and click on “Messaging”


This will open up the Messaging app. Now, to Add a new account, click on “Connected To” option given at the bottom right-side of the screen.


Click on “Add an Account”


You can connect to your Facebook Account. Click on “Facebook Connect”. This will bring you a screen where you can connect Windows 8 Messaging app to Facebook account. The display screen will also tell you what all will you be able to carry out once you are connected to it. To get more info, you need to click on “What else happens when I connect?” given at the screen.


Click on “Connect” to connect. Enter you Facebook ID and Password to sync Facebook account with Windows 8 Messaging App.


Allow access and you are ready to go. Click on “Done”

Yup..there you are. Start chatting with your friends now.

In short, Windows 8 Messaging app is a nice pre-installed app in Windows 8 to chat with your friends anytime. Go ahead, create a contact list and start chtting…