How To Install Windows 8 Without A Bootable Device

Installing Windows 8 without bootable device is as easy as it is to access. However, many of us are still in a doubt the moment we think of installing Windows 8.

Here is a tutorial for installing Windows 8 without a bootable device including CD, DVD, or USB.


The procedure is to install Windows 8 operating system onto the another partition, without any bootable device.

How To Install Windows 8 Without A Bootable Device:

STEP 1: Download the Microsoft ISO file from here.  A Windows 8 ISO image would be downloaded to Your PC.

Windows 8

STEP 2: Then mount the file using a mounting tool like I used Daemon Tools lite to mount this ISO file.(As given in the image below).

STEP 3: Now, open the ISO file with a mounting tool and explore the ISO file.

Windows 8 1

STEP 4:  Now, go to the folder named as “Sources”.

Windows 8 2

STEP 5: Click on Setup.exe and run it.

Windows 8 3

STEP 6: Setup will start install temporary files to your PC, Then you have to re-start your PC.

Windows 8 5

Follow further instructions as if installing Windows 7.

Windows 8 4

Enjoy the new metro interface Windows 8 operating system for your PC. Go ahead and try out yourself. Also, check out our post on Boot Windows 7 To Windows 8.