Windows 8 Clock On Windows 7

Here is how to use Windows 8 clock on Windows 7. This free Windows 8 clock is the same clock that you see in the lock screen of windows 8.

Since the developer’s preview of windows 8 has been released by Microsoft, developers are making attempts copy it’s various features in windows 7. Windows 8 clock is displayed on the lock screen is one of such user interface feature. If you want to see Windows 8 clock on windows 7 desktop, you can do so by downloading and installing a small utility tool called Metro Clock 2.

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Metro Clock 2 is the latest version of Metro Clock. The previous version was called Metro Clock 1 and it had several limitations. Some of the prominent features which are added to version 2 are :

  • You can change the position of the text. It was not possible in version 1.
  • When it is closed, it moves up with a smooth transition.
  • You can play video in the background.
  • A large number of customization options are available.

You can download Metro Clock 2 from here

After you extract the downloaded file, you can find instructions for installing the Metro Clock in a text file called “ReadMe.txt”. Make sure you have. NET framework 3.5 or later installed in your windows 7 PC before you install Metro Clock 2.