When Will Windows 8 Beta Release

Lets review the release of Windows 8 Beta Version. Check out when Will Windows 8 Beta Release. There were strong rumors that Microsoft would release the beta version of Windows 8 somewhere in January 2012. According to those rumors, Microsoft was expected to release the Windows 8 beta version in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which is to be held in January 2012. But according to the latest news from Microsoft, it is now confirmed that the beta version of Windows 8 would be released by Microsoft in February 2012. It is a big shock for all those testers and developers throughout the world who were eagerly waiting for the release of the Windows 8 beta version.

The release of Windows 8 beta version would not only provide a platform to the developers and testers throughout the world to develop and test their apps, but it will also confirm the availability of Windows store from where people could download and experience new apps.

And the good news is, all the Windows 8 store apps that will release during the release of  Windows 8 beta version, will be absolutely free. Microsoft clearly stated that they would not support paid apps. So, people can use as many apps as they want during that period. It will also give a chance to the testers to download free apps at first.

Microsoft has started a contest in which developers from various countries could participate and develop apps for Windows 8. The first eight apps will be selected in the contest that will come up in the Windows store as soon as it opens.