Windows 8 Yellow Pages App

Yellow Pages is a free Windows 8 Yellow Pages app that lets you find out the nearby places for any selected location.

The leader of all the local searches, Yellow Pages is now available as a metro style app in Windows 8 store. read it right. You can now find out anything starting from a local restaurant to movie theater, to Chinese food, to Hotel, to florist, to doctor, to Gas station, to airport, to insurance, just everything.

The Windows 8 Yellow Pages app comes up with various options to look for any single place with an ease. If you click the right mouse button anywhere on the Yellow Pages screen, you will soon find various options given at the bottom of the screen such as Set Location, Find Me, History, Categories.

Let me explain each option briefly below:

  1. Set Location:You need to simply enter your current location or any other place to look for the respective nearby places.
  2. Find MeThis option actually find you current place in real-time to help you find out the nearby places.
  3. HistoryAs the name says, History lets you track the history of your searches that you have performed earlier. You can also remove the entire history by clicking the right mouse button on this screen and then click on “Remove All’.
  4. CategoriesThis “Category” option lets you find out the required places in the category form so as to help you perform searched with an ease.

Now, as you click on a category; for example: if you are searching for a good nearby restaurant, just click on “Restaurant”. This will bring you all the popular restaurants you have nearby the entered location. As you click on one restaurant, it will further take you to a page where you can find the exact address of the selected restaurant, its contact number along with the map guide.

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In short, Windows 8 Yellow Pages App is an extremely useful app that has been designed as a metro app for Windows 8. Go ahead and install Yellow Pages in Windows 8.