Calc4Win: Free Windows 8 Calculator App

Calc4Win is a free Windows 8 calculator app that brings you a good utility powerful calculator supporting the scientific calculator along with the regular one. The big HD interface offers touch-friendly calculator to solve all the maths solutions in just a couple of seconds.

The good part is that you can find the results while typing letters. For Example: if you want to solve “45×74+34-23” . Now as you type 45×74, the app will bring you the answer side by side. You do not need to press enter key or = button in order to get the solution.

In addition, this Windows 8 calculator app lets you share the results and math terms with your friends or class-mates. Another good feature is that in the “help” option given at the right bottom side of the screen, provided that you click the right mouse button anywhere on the screen. The “Help” option displays the math function descriptions such as Square Root, Logarithm, Modulo, Integer, Factorial, and many more. The main usage of each function, its variable along with an example has been given in the box and to dig deep inside th each function you need to click on “Wikipedia” link given inside the each box. This will take you to the¬†Wikipedia¬†page where you can read about the selected function in detail.

So far so good…The calculator app for Windows 8 relieves you with an option to expand and contract the calculator. Yupp…if you click on the minus sign (-) given in the centre of the screen. Take a look at the screen shot:

Now, if you want to go back to the scientific mode, just click on the Plus sign (+) given at left side of the screen. In short, the Windows 8 calculator app Calc4Win is a must have in your collection of favorites Windows 8 apps.

Go ahead and download Calc4Win Windows 8 app given in the Productivity category. Else, you can read our post on how to search an app in Windows 8 Store.