Windows 8 Word Viewer App To Read Microsoft Office Word Files

Word Viewer is a free Windows 8 Word Viewer app that lets you open and read Microsoft Office Word files on your system. With this app, you can easily open and read doc, docx, and rtf files even if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your Windows 8 system.

This free Windows Word Viewer app is a simple yet powerful offline Word viewer tool. You can browse word files on your system and open them in the app. With its useful zoom in, zoom out feature, you can conveniently read word files. The app also offers Print option to let you take printouts of your word documents directly from the app.

Word Viewer - Reading a word document

Word Viewer is freely available in Tools category of Windows Store. You can also view it directly by clicking on the link given at the end.

Let’s see how you can use this free Word viewer to read word files.

Open and Read Word files on your Windows 8 system using Word Viewer:

To use this free Windows 8 Word Viewer app, simply install and launch it. As you land on the app’s Start screen, you will find Open File and Recently Viewed options on the top left side of the screen. Click on Open File option to browse files and open the word document you want to read. The document will appear on the screen for you to read.

Word Viewer - Main Options

As you do a right click on the screen, a bottom flyout will appear with options Back, Open File, Current file details, Zoom in, Reset, Zoom out, and Print. You can use Zoom In and Zoom Out options to adjust the visibility of the font. Click on Reset to restore the document to its original font. File details like file name, type and date on which it was created, will also be displayed on the bottom flyout.

If you want to take a printout of this word document, click on Print.

Word Viewer - Printing a word document

Open File option can be used to browse and open more files directly from this screen. Back button will take you back to the main screen.

List of all the recently viewed word files will be displayed on the app’s Start screen under Recently Viewed option. You can click on any of these to re-open and read the desired word file.

Word Viewer - Recently Viewed List

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Word Viewer App:

  • Free Windows 8 Word Viewer app
  • Easy to use offline Word viewer
  • Can open Word files without Microsoft Office installed
  • Supports doc, docx, and rtf file formats

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My Verdict

Word Viewer is a simple free Windows 8 Word Viewer app. You can use this app to open and read Word documents if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your PC. However, you can use it only for a limited number of times (how many, is not mentioned in the app). After that, it will prompt you to buy it to continue using. If you have an urgent need to open and view Word files on your Windows 8 system in case you don’t have a reader installed, you can give it a try.


Get Word Viewer here!