Windows 8 Story App To Get Stories For Kids: Story Time

Story Time is a free Windows 8 Story App. You can use this app as a great resource for finding stories for kids. You can read the stories and can even save them as recordings, which children can listen to at some later point of time. The app can turn out to be a useful tool for kids, as it help them in building up a good reading habit.

One of  the most catchy feature of the app is that the stories you find here have videos available along with them, which can be a great way of storytelling to kids. You can add these videos to your favorites, and can also pin them to your Start Screen to access them quickly.

Story Time

Story Time is available for free under the Books & Reference category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 Story App

At the main landing page of this free story finding app, two main categories, namely, Top Rated and Recent, would be shown to you. The stories will be available as tiles.

Story Time- Main Screen

When you get into any of these categories, you would get an option to filter out the stories as: Top Rated, Newest, and Title.

Let me tell you more about the stories that are shown here:

If you get to a particular story, the video for the story is available on the left side. On the right side, the story is available in textual f0rm. Two options are also available on the page: to read the entire story, to record.

Story Time- Main options

Get to the Read Full Story option, and the entire story would be shown to you to read. Good quality pictures are available here to make the children understand the stories in a better way. Make sure that you use the arrows present on the left and the right side to read the entire story.

Record option can be used if you want to narrate and record the entire story which can be listened to at a later point of time.

To use all the options, make sure that you have signed in into the app. For that, use your Settings charm. Login to the app uses your Windows 8 Microsoft Account’s credentials.

Pin the Videos to the Start screen

You can also pin the videos that are available here, to your start screen. For that, right click on the video and choose the pin option. The video’s tile would be pinned to the Start Screen.

Story Time- Pin

Add Videos to Favorite

You can also add videos to your Favorites list. For that, right click the video, and use the option available for it in the bottom flyout. The video would be added to your favorite list.

You can use the Favorite option by right clicking on the main screen, and can readily access your favorite videos from there.

Story Time- Favorites

Search Stories

You can also search stories by using the Search option that is available in the bottom flyout.

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Key Features of Story Time

  • The app is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • The stories are illustrated with good quality images.
  • There is an option to record the stories.
  • The app’s database is quite large.
  • Option to block any particular story is available.

My Verdict

A nice Windows 8 Story App according to me, Story Time deserves a try for sure!

Get Story Time here.